Worth upgrading ipod touch to 2.0 firmware?

Ipod Touch Remote app connecting to pc

Today I upgraded my ipod touch to the 2.0 firmware. Whilst the only main difference form the ‘January Upgrade’ that I also purchased is the addition of the ‘Apps’ section to the ipod, I still think the upgrade is worth the $12.99 (AUD). This is because of the free ‘Remote’ application that lets you control itunes remotely. It looks exactly like the normal player on your touch and is super responsive over wifi (Great for parties as music selection can be ‘passed around’ or as host you can maintain control).


  • Remote app is really good
  • Better email support (exchange)
  • I am sure some more useful apps will come along


  • $12.99 for a firmware update! most companies would supply this free apple.