A5 Spirax notebooks now dating

A5 Spirax notebooks now come pre-printed with lines for the date. This is really great for me as I often forget to date the page when I
take notes from clients. So now there is a prompt on the page it’s going to be hard not to date every page!

Ok so I may be a bit crazy about A5 notebooks but I do use them to take down all of my ideas, to-do lists and notes. My point here would be that some people waste a lot of time developing their own complex notebook systems using expensive moleskin notebooks when they should really just keep it simple (Spirax notebooks are about $2, molskins are around $16 – AUD).

I just write ideas and notes down as they happen and if my to-do list gets too messy or full I re-write it. Re-writing the list also provides an opportunity to re-prioritise and drop tasks (fresh pages keep things tidy and give you a record of the past). As for finding things you will be surprised how fast you can scan through a 300 page notebook. If you want to call what I do a system then call it a RISC system (Seriously check out the links, you would need to carry an instruction sheet to remember all the steps!).