Fix Dell Studio Laptop not returning from sleep

If you have recently bought a new Dell Studio laptop and it won’t wake up after you shut the lid or sleep it, then you need to update the firmware with the new version available from the dell website. The latest version at the moment is ‘A05’.

To download the new firmware:

  1. Go to the Dell website.
  2. Click the Drivers & Downloads link in the Support menu.
  3. Select your laptop model or enter the service tag code.
  4. Click the plus sign (+) next to ‘BIOS’.
  5. Click download to the right of the entry for the ‘A05’ version of the BIOS, and download to your desktop.
  6. Once downloaded, close all other programs and plug in your laptops power adapter, you need to be very very careful when installing new BIOS firmware as you can potentially ‘brick’ your computer.
  7. Right click the BIOS installer and select ‘Run As Administrator’.
  8. Then click ‘continue’ to update your BIOS firmware.
  9. Wait for the update to complete (do not turn your laptop off or disconnect the power as it will kill it).
  10. Once your laptop reboots the firmware should be installed and your sleep function should now work correctly.