New 1.06 firmware released for dlink DNS-323

Update: Version 1.09 is now available.

D-link has just released a version 1.06 firmware update for their DNS-323 NAS. I installed the update without any problems and all my settings remained (previous updates cleared all settings). Also I was pleasantly surprised by the update making the device completely silent when not in use. Previously the fan would constantly run at low speed, so this change is a big plus for anyone who sleeps near their NAS. In addition to this it looks like they have done some tweaking on the performance, previously transfers would max out at 7mbps now they will go up to 8-10mbps depending on the circumstances.The only other major changes are the addition of AV support for xbox 360 and Playstation 3, larger drive support (1.5TB) and the ability to connect your UPS to the usb port!

DNS-323 Firmware 1.06 Release Notes

Feature Additions:
1. Supports 1.5 TB Hard Drives
2. USB port supports UPS monitoring
3. Add option to Manually or Automatically Rebuild Raid
4. UPnP AV supports Microsoft XBoX 360, Sony PlayStation 3
5. Support FTP over SSL/TLS
6. Add Unicode support to FTP Server
7. Email Alerts supports Gmail

Function Changes:
1. Turn off Fan at low system temperature
2. Disable UPnP AV Server and iTunes Server by default.
3. Remove static DNS from the DDNS server provider list
4. Remove the DDNS Timeout setting from GUI, and change
the Status design. fixed timeout timer as 576 hours
5. Remove the Auto Refresh Timer option for UPnP AV and
iTunes Server, instantly Auto Refresh by default.
6. More user friendly Time Settings GUI design

Bug fixes:

1. Fix BT downloaded files sometimes are unable to be deleted
2. UPnP AV support large file (over 4GB)
3. Fix 1st HDD unable to sleep
4. Fix HDD cannot hibernate if UPnP AV or iTunes Server is enabled
5. Time stamp of files are incorrect when DST is enabled