A Simple Javascript Namespace Manager

Chris Pietschmann has a great article on a simple namespace manager. He states that if your using an AJAX framework you should obviously use the namespace management that it provides. However his code is perfect for my situation where I don’t have my AJAX framework loaded yet but do need my namespaces defined.

Anyway the reason for the post is that I refactored Chris’s code into a smaller recursive function:


/// Create the Namespace Manager that we'll use
///to make creating namespaces a little easier.
if (typeof Namespace == 'undefined') var Namespace = {};
if (!Namespace.Manager) Namespace.Manager = {};

Namespace.Manager = {
Register: function(ns) {
if (ns.length > 0) {
myBaseNs = ns.substring(0, ns.lastIndexOf('.'));
eval("if(!window." + ns + ") window." + ns + " ={};");