Getting a DNS 323 working with Xbox 360 Elite

Reasons your DNS-323 won’t work with your Xbox 360:

  • You need to update the firmware to the latest version (Xbox support was added in firmware version 1.06).
  • You have upgraded your firmware and not reset to default settings causing UPnP to stay disabled even when you enable it in the web admin settings.
  • You have ‘Root’ sharing enabled in UPnP.
  • Your UPnP directory has filenames & paths longer than 81 characters.
  • Your files have special characters in their names.

Following these steps should resolve all of these issues and get your DNS-323 NAS working with your Xbox 360:

Steps for DNS-323:

  1. Upgrade to the latest firmware.
    1. Download the latest firmware version from the dlink website.
    2. Open the downloaded firmware zip and copy the file inside to your desktop.
    3. Login to your DNS-323.
    4. Select TOOLS from the menu then FIRMWARE.
    5. Click Browse and select the firmware file copied to the desktop in part b.
    6. Then Click Apply to upload the new firmware and install it. Be patient and follow the prompts as it is possible to break your DNS-323 if it is powered of or reset during this process.
  2. Reset to default settings.
    1. Select TOOLS from the menu then SYSTEM.
    2. Click Save under CONFIGURATION SETTINGS to save a copy of your current DNS-323 settings as they will be wiped in the next step.
    3. Click Restore under DEFAULTS. This will cause your DNS-323 to default settings. You might need to use the EasySearch utility to find it again.
    4. Log back into your DNS-323.
    5. Select TOOLS from the menu then SYSTEM.
    6. Click Browse under CONFIGURATION SETTINGS and select the configuration file you saved in step b.
    7. Click Load to restore your previous settings.
  3. Reorganise your media to fit with the DNS-323 path length and character limitations.
    1. Reduce the number of folders and simplify the names of your videos, music and images do not exceed 81 characters in length.
    2. When renaming files they should not contain any special characters, to be safe stick with dashes, spaces, letters and numbers.
  4. Enable UPnP on the DNS-323.
    1. Select ADVANCED then UPnP AV SERVER.
    2. Select enable.
    3. Un-tick Root.
    4. Click Browse and select the medial folder created in step 3.
    5. Click Save Settings.
    6. Click Refresh and wait for your media to be catalogued, you should only need to do this once as the DNS-323 will automatically catalogue newly added files.
  5. Your Xbox should now be able to see folders and files on your DNS-323 when you go to the Video Library, Music Library and Photo Library in the My Xbox menu.

Steps for Xbox 360:

  1. Install ‘Optional iPod Support’ (instructions copied from xbox site for convenience).
    1. Go to the Xbox Live area of the Xbox Dashboard and select Xbox Live Marketplace, Game Downloads.
    2. Select All Games, Alphabetical List of Games.
    3. Select Optional iPod Support twice (once from Xbox Live Marketplace and again from the Xbox Guide screen), then Confirm Download.
    4. Once your download is complete, select Done and return to the Xbox Dashboard (press BACK or B three times).
  2. Note that not all video and audio formats are supported by Xbox 360.
    1. The xbox site has a Video Playback FAQ which lists supported formats.
    2. You can re-encode your videos to work with your Xbox 360 using a tool like Handbrake.



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